My Blogs

I have three blogs:

My newest, sexiest blog is LAblocks.  Well, it’s not really a blog.  It’s a new digital travel series covering all the vast and varied neighborhoods of LA, one block at a time.

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My newish, still sexy blog is called Grounded Hopes that I co-write with my comedy partner, Matt Moore (from “Robert and the Magic Mirror” and ManCamp improv). It’s a blog to help people achieve realistic expectations for those romanticized events of life.  But it’s funny.

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My more established, award-winning blog is Travel Bug Robert, where I “find the funny in the world.”  It follows my travels around the globe and features over seventy videos I’ve written, edited, produced, and hosted (but not in that order).  Some of those videos got me chosen as “Filmmaker of the Year” on the travel video website Tripfilms and won me a free trip to Argentina and Brazil.

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