…Magic Mirror

I am 50% of the two-man comedy show “Robert and the Magic Mirror.”  Guess which character I play?  Each live show takes the ill-matched duo on a new, action-packed adventure, filled with singing, dancing, zany characters, outrageous costumes, and just the right amount of weird.  It’s Pee-wee’s Playhouse meets Indiana Jones.


Episode 1: Deep Space, NEIN!

An official selection of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, this episode follows Robert and his quick-witted Magic Mirror on a cosmic adventure.  When Robert gets a free trip to space from billionaire Sir Richard Branson, he takes the Magic Mirror with him.  While up in outer space, Robert “bros out” with Richard Branson in his souped-up spaceship, and the Magic Mirror befriends a like-minded hologram computer.  Robert and the Magic Mirror believe they’ve found paradise until the reality of being stuck with an eccentric billionaire and an arrogant super computer becomes clear.  In the end, both learn that their new friendships aren’t as good as what they had to begin with: each other.

Episode 2: Yukon Handle the Truth!

Robert and the Magic Mirror are off on another adventure, this time in the forests of Alaska.  On their vacation in the Great North, Robert uses all his money to buy tacky souvenirs, and the duo no longer has enough money to get back home.  Luckily for them, they meet the seasoned Alaskan miner, Lumber Jack, who offers them a deed to a plot of land overflowing with gold.  While Robert wanders deeper and deeper into the forest in search of the gold Lumber Jack promised, the Magic Mirror meets a pan flute-playing Sasquatch.  As the Sasquatch opens up to the Magic Mirror about his life in the forest and the humans that are out to get him, it starts to become clear that Lumber Jack may have ulterior motives for Robert to pan for gold…